Our eco-responsible approach

Organic Agriculture

Château Angueiroun is committed to protecting the environment. It has held ‘Organic Agriculture’ certification since 2020.

This quality label is a voluntary initiative. It guarantees that the farming practices implemented across the farm preserve nature’s ecosystems and reduce pressure on the environment (soil, water, biodiversity, etc.).

Organic certification, achieved through a long-term commitment, is underpinned by four pillars:

  • biodiversity preservation (insects, trees, hedges, grass strips, flowers, etc.);
  • plant health strategy;
  • fertilisation management;
  • irrigation management.


Wine artists

Making fine wines is a team effort. Through the year, our wine artists work their magic from the vines to the cellar to produce singular, distinctive and well-structured wines. Harvesting, vinification and bottling are all important stages in the life cycle of a bottle of wine before the new vintages are released. But Château Angueiroun truly shows its artistic flair during the blending process when, by some sort of alchemy, it brings together the estate’s different grape varieties, melding aromas and creating wines with distinctive character. Like our Prestige La Londe Rosé, with its pale pink hue, the quintessence of the Angueiroun terroir in a bottle. Or Enkhelis, an exceptional wine produced in very small quantities, an impressive wine of remarkable sensuality and finesse…

Under the stewardship of Éric Dumon, the Angueiroun family is made up of Matthieu Foulquier-Gazagnes, Operations Manager, Thomas Bonnet, the Belkhiri family from father to son, and the sales and admin team: Corinne Guiol, Marine Ville and Jean-Philippe Lamothe, the estate’s ambassador and sales manager. What they all have in common is a love of this enchanting terroir, a respect for tradition and an open mind to the latest winemaking technologies.

Annual awards

Every year, Château Angueiroun enters several of its wines into France’s leading wine competitions: the Concours Général Agricole in Paris, the Concours des Grands Vins de France in Mâcon, the Concours des Vignerons Indépendant and the Concours des Vins de Provence.

Every year, several medals are added to an already extensive list of achievements. It was no different in 2023, with no fewer than 9 gold, silver and bronze medals awarded to the Réserve Rosé, Réserve White and Prestige La Londe Red.

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