Our passion

Our aim is to make high-quality wines and share our passion for this work with you.

Located only a few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea, Château Angueiroun has 120 hectares of exceptional land, with the vineyards planted on hillsides that face the rising sun, towards the bay of Bormes les Mimosas and the Lavandou. The soils are schistous and argiloarenaceous, rich in mica and quartz, and the Mediterranean climate gives a hot summer season and mild winter.

These unique conditions produce an elegant, subtle wine that is full-bodied and well-balanced, concentrating all the wild splendour of a captivating location. The wines are labelled AOP* Côtes de Provence or AOP Côtes de Provence La Londe. There are three lines:

Réserve: fresh and up-front

Prestige: subtle and sensual

Enkhelis: the quintessence of old vines

* Designation of origin